AirBnB Open Homes Program

AirBnB Open Homes Program

Home is the most important thing to own as it is a great asset and provides a space for you to live with your family. A lot of money spent in purchasing a home and loans in order to get the most attractive home in the market. 

AirBnB Open Homes Program
AirBnB Open Homes Program

Over 25,000 people have found temporary housing thanks to hosts on Open Homes.

However a situation can arise wherein a home bought after spending a huge amount of savings or which gained through a loan on your first job brought down by a hurricane else fire. You might have lost the job which forced you to sell the home in a hurry. In such situations, the prospect of being without a property to live in has to be faced.

What Is Airbnb Open Homes Program?

What can be done when you have to suddenly vacate from your home due to some dire circumstances? It becomes important to look into a rental accommodation else a homeless center to take immediate shelter.

Some people are able to live in a hotel till they can find a rental home, while others are in such a bad condition that they live in their car. It is for such people that open homes program offers hope. It gives them a much needed decent shelter, till they can take control of their lives and get back into a normal residence.

‎Disaster relief, Medical stays, ‎Refugee housing

AirBnB has introduced its open homes program to help people affected by natural disasters or critical illnesses so that they have a secure plce to take shelter till they are able to recover from their problem.

This idea arose when AirBnB hosts started to support their neighbors who were affected by Hurricane Sandy, that make it impossible for them to stay in their own homes… forcing them into evacuation.

Their homes opened to such neighbors, to whom it was a solace, enabling the evacuees to better cope with their situation.

However, this idea of open homes idea did not stop with just this incident as AirBnB hosts enhanced it so that it provided support for medical patients, refugees, asylum seekers etc, who were in as much needed of a safe home as people affected by Hurricance Sandy.

How Does Airbnb Open Homes Program Benefit People?

The purpose of AirBnB open homes program is to provide immediate housing relief to people when they need it the most.

In situations wherein a disaster has struck a home or when an individual has become a refugee else has to take medical treatment for a deliberating illness, the need is for a proper place to stay, till the problem is overcome and they can move on with their lives. It is this provision for a safe temporary housing that the Open Homes program caters to.

AirBnb is a travel company that implemented the idea of people letting out their homes for rent to people as an alternative to staying in hotels. People renting their homes would gain a good income from doing this.

Airbnb Free Housing

Their Open Homes program with free housing is an extension of this to people who are in dire need of a secure place to stay at a time of distress. Due to the difficult situation in which they find themselves, they cannot stay in their home and live as they used to, yet they cannot get into a rented home due to the high costs.

Their open homes program when on to partner with organizations such as Bone Marrow & Cancer Foundation, International Rescue Committee Mercy Corps so that they can extend their support through them for people in need of a home. 

Those who want to be an AirBnB open homes host should register with them, which is free. Once they have registered and are contacted by AirBnB for providing space to an individual, they must communicate in advance their expectations and also learn the needs of the person staying with them so that they can make the guest feel comfortable.

Who is eligible to book on Open Homes? – Airbnb Help Center

It is to be noted that that for a home owner to become an AirBnB open home program host, it is vital to meet their standards on safety, security and cleanliness. The host must represent their home and its availability in their open homes program listing.

It is important for the host to have a spare room or apartment which has a comfortable bed, important facilities and attached bath cum toilet. The space must be free for two day or a bit more consecutively. AirBnB open homes program offers 24 hours support to clarify or help with any issues that arises during guest stay.

It is important to be always reachable so that the guest can talk about any issue that needs to be resolved. The host must inform their guest about timings when they can be out and within which they should be in the home.

Open Homes Program Free Homes at distressing times

Talk to them about cleaning schedules so that they known them beforehand and follow them as expected.  Usually such people are in a distraught condition and will stay for a short period of time in the home,

It is to be noted that in the unlikely event of a guest causing any damage to the property during stay, AirBnB offers upto $1,000,000 USD as compensation to the host. There is no cover for items like jewelry, rare artwork, collectibles, cash, securities, personal liability.

How to find open homes on Airbnb?

The Open Homes program gives a place to stay that is free of cost at a very distressing times, thus providing such people with a decent accommodation that does not run expenses.

Those who need to stay in a particular area for a couple of days due to serious medical treatment, else hurricane floods or because they are refugees can make use of the assistance offered by this program to gain the space to stay in which they can decide what is their next move. Visit Airbnb Open Homes Official Website.

I am eligible to book on Open Homes. How do I book?

  1. You Must Have a Verified account on Airbnb, Create Account
  2. Go to and click signup
  3. Verify Your Birthday, email id and telephone number(mb)
  4. Upload Your Government id proof
  5. Upload a payment method

How to search for Medical or Refugee stays:

  1. The trusted nonprofit partner have forwarded you to Open Homes, Visit
  2. Search the homes by entering the destinations, dates and number of guests and click on search button
  3. You can search more filters in advance or more filters option
  4. You will find the listings, you can find through map
  5. You can click the required link from the listings
  6. You can ask your query from the host
  7. At last, you can request to book the listings.

How to search for Disaster Relief Stays:

  1. Visit the Airbnb website and click on open homes disaster relief page
  2. You have to select the option named “Find A Place To Stay”
  3. After selecting the disaster event, you have to select find housings, you can also use various filters to search in advance by clicking on more filters.
  4. The listings will be appear and you have to click on the required listings and learn more about it.
  5. If you are ready, you can request to book, you can also ask your query there.
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