The Top Places To Visit In The New Year

The Top Places To Visit In The New Year 

If you are planning a lovely trip in the New Year, check out destinations that hold the best celebratory events during this time of the year. A city that is wonderful for sightseeing and where you can also experience beautiful fireworks is best to book for a couple of day off from your regular routines.

The Top Places To Visit In The New Year
The Top Places To Visit In The New Year

Here is a look at some of the most interesting places that offer maximum fun and enjoyment during the New Year: 

Sydney City

·         How about beautiful Sydney city, which is known for its impressive harbor? Step out to explore islands inside the harbor and beautiful parks where you can enjoy taking delightful photos. Spots like Sydney Harbour, Opera House and Harbour Bridge are the best places for enjoying fireworks at midnight.

Top Ten Places To Visit Around The World

Beautiful Bangkok

·         Check out beautiful Bangkok, known for its spectacular nightlife. In the New Year, take a cab to either Centralworld or Asiatique, both of which are popular shopping and entertainment places, where you can enjoy spectacular celebrations. You might also want to head out to Sirocco, a sky rising restaurant from where you can enjoy a spectacular view of the city.

Cape Town

·         While there are many cities known for being sophisticated and highly modern, one that’s a bit different is Cape Town. As the capital of South Africa, it attracts attention from people all over the world and New Year is the perfect time to come here and enjoy stunning forework displays. Travel later to the lovely Cape Point Vineyards for an unforgettable experience.


·         Dubai is indeed a treat in the New Year and the best place to enjoy it here is in Burj Khalifam standing at 2716 feet and also the Burj Plaza. Both places offer the chance to enjoy stunning fireworks. Get into the Dubai Mall, where you can enjoy so many shops, eateries and restaurants.

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A Look Into The Top 10 Places To Visit In The U.K

Fabulous Rio De Janeiro

·         Why not check out fabulous Rio De Janeiro, known for its beautiful Copacabana Beach, which is the venue for some beautiful fireworks and musical shows. There are many lovely restaurants where you can enjoy New Year’s party, delicious cuisine, music, dance and the best entertainment.

A Look At The Top 10 Places To Visit In India

Edinburg Scotland

·         Fly into Edinburg Scotland and head out to the majestic Princess Street Gardens, where you can enjoy the most fabulous fireworks displays. Music concerts are held by international artists, making the place a true haven of entertainment and fun. Also Check out River Forth, known for its lovely New Year parties.

The Most Enjoyable Place : Hawaii

·         Hawaii is undoubtedly the most enjoyable place during New Year, with its spectacular fireworks and parties. Waikiki Beach, Moana Beach etc are some popular spots where you can enjoy boat cruises, theme nights and also music concerts. Step into the interesting Kakaaako Park for music fest and Pirate Ship adventure.

Las Vegas

·         How about Las Vegas, where you can enjoy some of the most spectacular fireworks during New Year at hotels and sky scrapers? Cool bars for drinks and dancing plus a host of restaurants where you can enjoy interesting cuisine, parties, music and other festivities like none other.

A Look At The Top Ten Places To Visit In The USA

Plan And Book Your Accommodations in Above Hotel Search Form

You can book a hotel accommodation in any of these locations by online travel sites which will throw up the best deals in minutes. Pick a deal that offers maximum benefits and enjoy the city’s fireworks, parties during the New Year. 

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Pay Later Hotels: Now Enjoy Your Trips With Pay Later Hotels

Tips On How To Book Cheap Hotel And Save On Vacation Costs

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Book Now Pay Later Vacations

Benefits Of Book Now Pay Later Vacations

Every year thousands of families go on vacation to nearby as well as exotic locations all across the globe. The reason why they travel so much is to get away from a hectic and fast-paced life and at the same time enjoy a fun-filled couple of weeks with their family in a place that offers more comfort, discovery and enjoyment.

Book Now Pay Later Vacations
Book Now Pay Later Vacations

However when people have to pay right away for a vacation, when they are not sure about the vacation type or travel dates, they are inconvenienced. It is in this context, that you can find now the ‘Book Now Pay Later Vacation’ service to be highly beneficial.

Book Now Pay Later Vacations

Today, you can find so many vacation companies offering the book now pay later vacation option. Why? It is a strong advertising mechanism that popularizes their services and makes them out to be a travel agency that is able to provide flexible vacation booking assistance for their travelers.

Travelers can look through the wide array of vacation booking options available and select one that is optimal, book it and then just a couple of weeks prior to travel they can confirm the vacation deal and pay for it.

The biggest benefit gained by the ‘book now pay later vacations’ option is that travelers can cancel the deal if a problem was to arise a couple of days or maybe a week prior to vacation reservation confirmation. What if a sudden situation arose at work or if a particular family member became sick or there was a situation in the family that prevented them from making the trip.

Travel Now Pay Later

It is in such situations that the book now pay later vacation service proves to be highly useful as it helps make a reservation for a vacation, but there is no need to confirm it and hence  no payment is made, so no cancellation charges as well in the event the reservation is cancelled. Money is saved and can be put to other more pressing matters that caused the vacation reservation to be canceled.

The pay later service is also useful for the avid traveler or backpackers or travel bloggers who travel on a weekly basis to exotic places. Usually what happens is that they might have booked a particular deal only to find out weeks later that a better one is available which offers more excitement and adventure.

Book Now Pay Later on Hotels on Expedia

Such a deal can take the traveler to better locations or to those exotic places in which the expenses are less. Hence in order to grab it, the first reserved deal must be cancelled and the new one opted. Usually when travelers cancel a reserved vacation deal for another one, they have to pay for the second one to the travel agency right away and cannot reserve that one as well.

Today some of the most exotic vacation deals are available for travelers enabling them to experience new and interesting things like never before. With the book now pay later option travelers have an even better means of getting the best deal they want for their family vacation but without incurring any heavy expenses.

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Top Ten Places To Visit Around The World

Top Ten Places To Visit Around The World During Christmas

A world tour should take you to the most exotic places, where you will experience traditions, culture, sightseeing places, food and enjoy adventures like nowhere else. There are innumerable such location, but out of there, here is a look at the top ten that you should focus on:

Top Ten Places To Visit Around The World During Christmas
Top Ten Places To Visit Around The World During Christmas

1.City Of Paris

None can miss out on the delightful city of Paris which attracts people from all over with iconic attractions like the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and Notre Dame. Enjoy exploring the city’s fashion shops, beautiful markets, cafes, restaurants and museums, where you can experience its history culture and artistic delights.

2.City Of Rome

The ancient city of Rome has appealed to travelers worldwide time and again who come here in millions every year to see some of the most majestic historical landmarks such as Colosseum, Trivedi Fountain, St Peter’s Basilica and of course Sistine Chapel.


Check about London, seat of the U.K government, known for its historical landmarks such as the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, British Museum, Madame Tussauds. Unwind in the beautiful markets retail shops restaurants belong to diverse communities and of course marching of the guards in front of the Palace.

A Look Into The Top 10 Places To Visit In The U.K

4. Island of Tahiti

The beautiful island of Tahiti, the largest in French Polynesia, is a fantastic place with its mesmerizing beautiful beaches where you can enjoy different types of water adventures. Enjoy sunbathing, snorkeling, surfing, deep-sea diving and much more in its lovely blue waters which can be explored through long cruise trips.


Phuket, a lovely city in Southern Thailand is just what you need to get away from the madding crowd. Explorer its pristine, while sand beaches and of course don’t forget to visit the Phang NGA Bay, Wat Challenge Temple, Big Buddha, Similian Islands and night markets.

6.Grand Canyon

You will find the Grand Canyon to be a fabulous natural landmark. It is 277 miles long and 18 miles long and its rugged landscape makes it the perfect place for photography. This is the place to come and enjoy exotic outdoor adventures like camping, hiking, mountain climbing, white-water river rafting and much more.

A Look At The Top Ten Places To Visit In The USA

Stay In The Best Hotels Near Grand Canyon

7.The City Of Dubai

The beautiful city of Dubai attracts visitors from all over the world who come here to have a glimpse of its majestic shopping festivals not to mention it’s you shopping malls. Don’t forget to visit Ski Dubai, the Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa.


Santorini, a lovely Greek city is a lovely destination for honeymooners. Look for exotic beaches, ancient pastel color villages and archaeological marvels that you can simply never have enough in exploration. Check out it’s wineries and take boat cruises along the seashore, taste Greek cuisine and enjoy listening to the tales contemporary.

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9.Machu Picchu

How about a trip to Machu Picchu, the lost City of the Incas. It’s a citadel that was built in the 15th century, abandoned later and now renowned for its majestic building which have mysterious astronomical alignments and offer exotic view of the surroundings.

The Top Places To Visit In The New Year

10.The Majestic British Virgin Islands

Check out the majestic British Virgin Islands, known for offering the best water sport adventures like snorkeling, surfing, sailing, deep sea diving etc . Take boat tours, enjoy time cruising in big yatchs and enjoy the beauty of pristine natural surroundings that are perfect for photography.

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A Look At The Top Ten Places To Visit In The USA

Top 10 Best Hotels in the World

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Pamper Yourself In The Luxurious Settings Of Four Seasons Sydney

Pamper Yourself In The Luxurious Settings Of Four Seasons Sydney

Four Seasons Sydney is a luxurious five star hotel situated right in the heart of the capital city. Set against the dramatic background of the Sydney harbor, it is the place to stay for those wanting a dynamic environment, wherein they can indulge in exciting experienced throughout the day or quickly get out into the city for shopping, dining enjoying outdoor adventure and much more.

Swanking the sides of the hotel are ‘The Rocks’ and the ‘Circular Quay’, places that you would want to visit more than just once.

Four Seasons Sydney
Four Seasons Sydney

With Comfortable Rooms Four Seasons Sydney Makes For A Cozy Retreat

Accommodation options are varied as guests have the opportunity to select from a wide range of rooms such as the Deluxe City Room, Deluxe Remodeled Room, Deluxe Full Harbor Room, One Bedroom City Suite, One Bedroom City Royal Suite and much more.

Each type of accommodation is exquisitely furnished and fitted with latest facilities ranging from a large LCD television, svelte bathroom, beautiful décor, phone, internet etc. mini-bar for refreshment, 24 hours room service, plush bed and soft pillow, safes, newspaper and much more… you simply could not ask for more. Spacious and serene, you will feel at home in any one of these various accommodation options, which offer the most fantastic view of the harbor surroundings.

There Is Lots To Enjoy Here

Enjoy the most delicious of local and gourmet cuisine in the hotel’s restaurant, wherein the sumptuous menu lists out the most popular of Australian dishes.  You can also visit the bar to enjoy drinks in the evening, prior or after dinner till late at night and into the early hours of the morning.

Drench yourself in some wonderful warm waters at the spa else tale to the gym for a workout or perhaps enjoy a swim in the luxurious pool here. Four Seasons offers such facilities and more for guest comfort and to ensure that they have nothing but the best to keep themselves engaged and active inside the hotel.

When you enter inside, you will see a stunning three-level atrium style lobby, were check-in can be done. Reservations can be done for a room of your choice over the phone and even through the internet.  There are 512 rooms in this hotel and all of them have been luxuriously decorated, featuring the finest of guest comforts, enough to give that sheer opulent staying experience.

Four Seasons Sydney Features

Those specifically seeking a hotel with the latest business facilities will find Four Seasons Sydney to be very pleasing as it has 12 meeting rooms, each of which has the latest equipment to carry out designated tasks for conducting business activities, conversations and conferences.

Enjoy a fabulous stay in this luxurious hotel which has the most modern facilities to cater to your every need. The hotel’s location is very attractive as it offers easy access to transport, entertainment and much more.  Guest facilities offered at the Four Seasons Sydney are the latest …offering high level of comfort and convenience that simply cannot be found anywhere else.

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AirBnB Open Homes Program

AirBnB Open Homes Program

Home is the most important thing to own as it is a great asset and provides a space for you to live with your family. A lot of money is spent in purchasing a home and loans are taken in order to get the most attractive home in the market. 

AirBnB Open Homes Program
AirBnB Open Homes Program

Over 25,000 people have found temporary housing thanks to hosts on Open Homes.

However a situation can arise wherein a home bought after  spending a huge amount of savings or which was gained through a loan on your first job was brought down by a hurricane else fire. You might have lost the job which forced you to sell the home in a hurry. In such situations, the prospect of being without a property to live in has to be faced.

What Is Airbnb Open Homes Program?

What can be done when you have to suddenly vacate from your home due to some dire circumstances? It becomes important to look into a rental accommodation else a homeless center to take immediate shelter.

Some people are able to live in a hotel till they can find a rental home, while others are in such a bad condition that they live in their car. It is for such people that open homes program offers hope. It gives them a much needed decent shelter, till they can take control of their lives and get back into a normal residence.

‎Disaster relief, Medical stays, ‎Refugee housing

AirBnB has introduced its open homes program to help people affected by natural disasters or critical illnesses so that they have a secure plce to take shelter till they are able to recover from their problem.

This idea arose when AirBnB hosts started to support their neighbors who were affected by Hurricane Sandy, that make it impossible for them to stay in their own homes… forcing them into evacuation.

Their homes opened to such neighbors, to whom it was a solace, enabling the evacuees to better cope with their situation.

However, this idea of open homes idea did not stop with just this incident as AirBnB hosts enhanced it so that it provided support for medical patients, refugees, asylum seekers etc, who were in as much needed of a safe home as people affected by Hurricance Sandy.

How Does Airbnb Open Homes Program Benefit People?

The purpose of AirBnB open homes program is to provide immediate housing relief to people when they need it the most.

In situations wherein a disaster has struck a home or when an individual has become a refugee else has to take medical treatment for a deliberating illness, the need is for a proper place to stay, till the problem is overcome and they can move on with their lives. It is this provision for a safe temporary housing that the Open Homes program caters to.

AirBnb is a travel company that implemented the idea of people letting out their homes for rent to people as an alternative to staying in hotels. People renting their homes would gain a good income from doing this.

Airbnb Free Housing

Their Open Homes program with free housing is an extension of this to people who are in dire need of a secure place to stay at a time of distress. Due to the difficult situation in which they find themselves, they cannot stay in their home and live as they used to, yet they cannot get into a rented home due to the high costs.

Their open homes program when on to partner with organizations such as Bone Marrow & Cancer Foundation, International Rescue Committee Mercy Corps so that they can extend their support through them for people in need of a home. 

Those who want to be an AirBnB open homes host should register with them, which is free. Once they have registered and are contacted by AirBnB for providing space to an individual, they must communicate in advance their expectations and also learn the needs of the person staying with them so that they can make the guest feel comfortable.

Who is eligible to book on Open Homes? – Airbnb Help Center

It is to be noted that that for a home owner to become an AirBnB open home program host, it is vital to meet their standards on safety, security and cleanliness. The host must represent their home and its availability in their open homes program listing.

It is important for the host to have a spare room or apartment which has a comfortable bed, important facilities and attached bath cum toilet. The space must be free for two day or a bit more consecutively. AirBnB open homes program offers 24 hours support to clarify or help with any issues that arises during guest stay.

It is important to be always reachable so that the guest can talk about any issue that needs to be resolved. The host must inform their guest about timings when they can be out and within which they should be in the home.

Open Homes Program Free Homes at distressing times

Talk to them about cleaning schedules so that they known them beforehand and follow them as expected.  Usually such people are in a distraught condition and will stay for a short period of time in the home,

It is to be noted that in the unlikely event of a guest causing any damage to the property during stay, AirBnB offers upto $1,000,000 USD as compensation to the host. There is no cover for items like jewelry, rare artwork, collectibles, cash, securities, personal liability.

How to find open homes on Airbnb 

The Open Homes program gives a place to stay that is free of cost at a very distressing times, thus providing such people with a decent accommodation that does not run expenses.

Those who need to stay in a particular area for a couple of days due to serious medical treatment, else hurricane floods or because they are refugees can make use of the assistance offered by this program to gain the space to stay in which they can decide what is their next move. Visit Airbnb Open Homes Official Website.

I am eligible to book on Open Homes. How do I book?

  1. You Must Have a Verified account on Airbnb, Create Account
  2. Go to and click signup
  3. Verify Your Birthday, email id and telephone number(mb)
  4. Upload Your Government id proof
  5. Upload a payment method

How to search for Medical or Refugee stays:

  1. The trusted nonprofit partner have forwarded you to Open Homes, Visit
  2. Search the homes by entering the destinations, dates and number of guests and click on search button
  3. You can search more filters in advance or more filters option
  4. You will find the listings, you can find through map
  5. You can click the required link from the listings
  6. You can ask your query from the host
  7. At last, you can request to book the listings.

How to search for Disaster Relief Stays:

  1. Visit the Airbnb website and click on open homes disaster relief page
  2. You have to select the option named “Find A Place To Stay”
  3. After selecting the disaster event, you have to select find housings, you can also use various filters to search in advance by clicking on more filters.
  4. The listings will be appear and you have to click on the required listings and learn more about it.
  5. If you are ready, you can request to book, you can also ask your query there.
Open Homes Airbnb Experience
Open Homes Stories – Airbnb
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Hotels In New Orleans French Quarter

A Look At Some Of The Best Hotels In New Orleans French Quarter

Out of the many places that you will simply love spending time in New Orleans, an interesting one is the French Quarter. This place is actually the heart of the city, owing to its unique ambiance and also vibrant community.

Step into Bourbon Street here and you can experience mouthwatering food in eateries and can enjoy exciting clubs and bars. Move into the French Market to enjoy delicious gourmet food and of course local crafts. In Jackson Square you can find so many performers entertaining in font of the majestic St. Louis Cathedral.

Best Hotels In New Orleans French Quarter

Hotels In New Orleans French Quarter
Hotels In New Orleans French Quarter

1.The Pelham Hotel

Enjoy a wonderful guest staying experience at the majestic Pelham Hotel, a boutique style accommodation that is in close proximity to Harrah’s Casino, Riverwalk Marketplace, Steamboat Natchez,  Louisiana Superdome and Audubon Aquarium.

Its unique feature is the European style rooms, which have ceilings that are about 18 foot and come with brick walls. Inside you are provided with every imaginable guest facility ranging from the fridge to posh baths, television etc.  Enjoy delicious gourmet food at the restaurant here. Other key facilities include wi-fi, laundry, room service and travel desk.

2. Carondelet Hotel

Check out the unusual Sonder – Carondelet, which is deluxe hotel offering ultra modern guest living experience.  Accommodation is in the form of an apartment which has a single room and is inclusive of latest facilities, kitchen, dishwasher, oven, dining area, TV, shared terrace etc. 

The interior space is wonderful, modern and very tastefully done, making you feel refreshed and relaxed. The lovely Arts – Warehouse District is closely which is just the place to explore for delicious local cuisine and just casual evening walks.

3. LIONS INN Bed and Breakfast New Orleans

Welcome to the beautiful Lions Inn Bed and breakfast, New Orleans. Nice rooms, with lush bedding and modern attached baths, along with large flat screen TV, modern kitchen plus dishwasher. Other important facilities include swimming pool, spa, free wi-fi etc.

Every morning enjoy delicious Irish/English style breakfast and head outside to any of the street closeby for exploring the neighborhood, dining, shopping, watching movies and other entertainment. Step into the garden surrounding the place for a beautiful walk and some freshening scenery.

4. Old No. 77 Hotel & Chandlery

Out of the many hotels available, one that’s a real classic is the Old No. 77 Hotel & Chandlery, which offers very interesting decorated interiors, complimented by European style. 

This structure has been made from 19th century warehouse and every room comes with a unique decor.  Enjoy cuisine that’s comprises of English, Italian and Carribean food delicacies and refresh yourself with some coffee or pastries in the evening in the hotel’s La Coffee Bar. Other key facilities include fitness center, wi-fi, parking and 24 hours reception.

5. Blue60 Guest house

How about the immaculate Blue60 Guest house which is a simple, quiet and homely space where you can enjoy beautiful rooms that is absolutely homely and very comfortable.

Check out facilities such as television, mini-fridge, microwave and coffee machine, which adds to everyday convenience. It is located in close proximity to French Market and Bourbon Street.

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Top 10 Cheap Hotels In Melbourne

Top 10 Cheap Hotels In Melbourne

Today’s travelers are very smart, checking out the best deals for every journey. They specifically search for the lowest offers on airport car parking, flight tickets  not to mention hotel accommodation.

The beautiful city of Melbourne offers many budget hotels where you can enjoy a comfortable stay, but without spending heavily. These places are ideal for short one or two days trips, overnight stay and even a week long stay with the family.

Top 10 Cheap Hotels In Melbourne
Top 10 Cheap Hotels In Melbourne

A Look At Ten Impressive Budget Hotels In Melbourne

What makes a budget hotel very appealing is not just the cost but also its value for money. These places to stay offer the most important facilities and amenities, so that guests feel at home and have all their needs taken care of.

The rooms are small but well equipped, while facilities like dining, buffet breakfast, fitness center, conference room, wi-if etc, take care of important daily needs.

Most budget hotels are located at attractive points in the city, which enables guests to easily access key places of interest. Here is a look at the top ten budget hotels in Melbourne that you should consider:

Hotel Windsor

Out of the many cheap hotels in Melbourne an important one is Hotel Windsor. A grand accommodation venue, built during the Victorian era, it is known for providing latest facilities and comforts, with rooms that have a simplistic touch giving guests, what is essential and at the same time making them feel at home. Restaurant, room service, laundry are some of the key benefits here.

City Centre Budget Hotel

Another one that well fits into the budget is City Centre Budget Hotel. It’s basically a hostel offering small but clean rooms and dorms with basic facilities. Free continental breakfast served and in the shared kitchen, guests can enjoy tea coffee and rice. Other facilities include open dining room, pool table, wifi airport shuttle and bar.

Adina Apartment Hotel

The Adina Apartment Hotel offers quality customer service and has an excellent location with helps to access markets, shops and other places of interest quickly. Key Features include rooms with kitchenette, business centre with internet, fitness centre with gym and free internet.

Mercure Welcome Hotel

Check out the majestic Mercure Welcome Hotel, a 3.5 star accommodation, right in the heart of the city wherein important places such as shops, bars, restaurants are close by. Neat rooms, tasty dinner, buffet breakfast, business and conference facilities are some of the highlights here. Other important facilities include dry cleaning, wi-fi, currency exchange, babysitting and wheelchair.

Causeway On The Mall

The Causeway On The Mall, is a warm and welcoming budget hotel in which you can enjoy spacious rooms with basic facilities. It is a very  in-demand hotel providing very important guest facilities such as 24 hours front desk, free wi-fi, parking, laundry, buffet breakfast and facilities for the disabled. Situated close to shops, cafes and fashion stores, its central city location enables movement as and when required.

Sebel Melbourne Docklands

Check out the Sebel Melbourne Docklands, which offers spacious apartments inclusive of latest comforts and pleasing interior decor.

A wonderful accommodation situated right at the waterfront, you will find it to be warm, welcoming and just the place for official trips or staying with the family during vacations. Some interesting facilities include room service, swimming pool, attached kitchen and lovely dining area.

IBIS Melbourne

The IBIS Melbourne is a stunning budget hotel situated in close proximity to important city landmarks, emporium as well as the city’s central shopping centre. Modern rooms highlighted by trendy interiors and inclusive of latest facilities are the key feature here.

Each room has bedding, cupboards, attached baths, kitchenette,  air conditioning, work desk, tea/coffee maker, microwave and fridge. Other important guest benefits include internet informal dining area and self service laundry. Enjoy buffet breakfast the restaurant and choose from a stunning array of dishes for lunch and dinner, while relishing in wines and beers at the bar.

Flagstaff City

The Flagstaff City is a comfortable budget hotel offering neat and spacious rooms fitted with sophisticated comforts. Important facilities to note include free internet, airport shuttle, meeting room, laundry and free-parking.

You have to venture out for food but it’s the best place for those who want just a night stay. It’s a ten minute walk from the Southern Kings Cross Station and the Queen Victoria market. It’s just the kind of place to stay for those coming to the city for sightseeing and touring as they can quickly access important places of interest, shopping venues and restaurants from here.

Majestic Hotel Sofia

The Majestic Hotel Sofia is yet another budget hotel offering small comfortable rooms with latest guest facilities such as iron, work desk, safe deposit box and clean attached baths. Complementary tea, coffee plus a beautiful dining area setting in the outdoors,  is enough to impress the modern traveler.

The hotel’s 24 hours front desk, laundry and room service, makes it ideal place to stay for short trips especially those done for business official needs. Interestingly its restaurant offers Greek-inspired cuisine and a buffet breakfast. Enjoy listening to the jukebox at the bar while enjoying beer or wine.

Hotel Claremont

Look into Hotel Claremont, a nice Budget hotel that’s just one minute walk away from the train station. Neat rooms with comfortable bedding, attached baths plus complimentary breakfast make it just think for the budget traveler.

Other important facilities include continental breakfast, free Wi-If, internet cafe,  airport shuttle , laundry, guest  and library. It’s a boutique style hotel that is in proximity to the famous Chapel Street and you can do tour bookings through the lobby.

Some Important Tips on Budget Hotel In Melbourne

You can book into any of these budget hotels online through which you can catch discounted rates and other low cost benefits.

By booking early, you can bring down the cost of accommodation even further, which proves to be highly beneficial when staying for a week on official trips or with the family. Opt specifically for accommodations that are in walking distance to important places that you need to access daily to cut down cost of commuting.

Booking into budget hotels offers many distinct advantages, the foremost being the pricing, which is drastically reduced. By saving on accommodation costs, you can spend more to explore the city’s attractions and key places of interest. Furthermore, you can enjoy a lovely, clean, pristine environment in which all your needs are catered.

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Top Ten Destinations That’s The Best For A Summer Holiday

Best Summer Vacation Spots In The World

Summer is the time to travel abroad and what better way of doing this than by taking a vacation in the most exotic places on the planet.

Enjoy a fantastic time in such places, getting away from the summer heat and bringing those experiences into your life that enrich it and enhance your abilities or skills. Here is a look at top ten destinations for a summer holiday:

best summer vacation spots in the world
Best summer vacation spots in the world


It’s a beautiful place to visit in the summer with its lovely beaches and marvelous architectural splendors that will keep you enchanted all the time. Have fun exploring its transit spots not to mention fine restaurants bars ad pubs. Places you have to check out include Casa Mila, Palace of Catalan Music, Casa Batilo etc


It’s certainly the place for those who lovely adventure hiking, mountaineering, fishing ae some of the many things that you get to do here. A place of picturesque beauty, spend the summer here photography spots at the Grand Canyon, Aspen, Rocky Mountain National Park etc

Koh Samui

This Island is known for its tropical beauty, calm blue seas and it’s a place that offers plenty of adventure beaches and many exotic heritage posts.  Top places that you must visit include Bophut Beach, Tiger Zoo, Wat Phra Yai etc.


It’s a mesmerizing place with its beaches and exotic culture, food and beautiful natural locations. Enjoy the beaches and different types of water adventure sports like snorkeling, surfing, deep sea diving, coral reef exploration etc.


This amazing island nation is made up of 26 atolls, which actually constitute more than 1000 coral islands. It’s a beautiful place to spend time in the summer, cooling off at the beaches, exploring tropical beauty at its best in its blue lagoons, enchanting reefs. Top places to see include Banana Reef, Alimantha Island, HP Reef etc.


It’s known for its exotic natural beauty, which you can explore through its parks, wild life areas and beaches. Its majestic temples reveal its rich culture, heritage and ancient past. Check out spots Mount Batur, Pura Tanah Lot, Ubud Art & Culture, Waterbom Bali, Kuta Beach etc.


It’s the perfect summer getaway with its snowy terrain in which you can find not just ice but also steaming volcanoes, canyons, hot springs etc. Top places to visit include the Blue Lagoon, Borgarnes, Gullfoss Waterfall, Reykjavik, Asbyrgi Canyon etc.


Known for its rich culture tradition and ancient heritage it’s a place that has seen attracted millions. The backwaters of Kerala are like none other, enchanting with their exotic beauty and natural charm. Some key spots to visit include Alleppey, Kovalam, Thekkady etc

Amalfi Coast

It’s an enchanting 50 kilometer coastline at the south of Italy’s Sorrentine Peninsula. Filled with small beaches, charming fishing villages, rugged cliffs, it’s the place for adventure, unwinding and relaxing as well. Key place to explore Admire, Praiano, Ravello, Maiori etc.


It’s an mesmerizingly lovely place with its picturesque natural beauty which can be experienced through coral reefs, nature reserves and beautiful beaches. Important places to see include Anse Lazio, Praslin, Baie Lazare, Morne Seychellois National Park, Beau Vallon Beach etc. 

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A Look At Top Hotels In New Orleans Where You Can Enjoy A Comfortable Stay

A Look At Top Hotels In New Orleans Where You Can Enjoy A Comfortable Stay

The beautiful city of New Orleans is known for its port, which attracts ships from all over and whose influence makes it a huge economic hub in the country. It is named after the Duke of Orleans and is the largest city in Louisiana State.  It’s unique for its buildings which display and unusual blend of Spanish and French architectural elements.

Where Can You Stay In New Orleans During A Vacation Or Business Trip?

Hotels In New Orleans Guide
Hotels In New Orleans Guide

When you are in New Orleans for a short visit, where can you stay? Look into any of the lovely hotels in the city to book an accommodation prior to your departure. You can find the city dotted with many five, four, three star hotels as well as budget hotels, pay later hotels options where you can enjoy the best comforts. Here is a look at some top hotels in USA where you can book rooms:

Some Five And Three Star Hotels To Check Out

If you don’t mind to splurge and want to pamper yourself in luxury, check out the Ritz hotel. Luxurious and fitted with super-sophisticated facilities, guests can enjoy aesthetically decorated and modern rooms, gourmet cuisine, live entertainment, spa and much more.

Look into the majestic five star Roosevelt Orleans, to enjoy opulent guest rooms, which cater to modern guest staying needs and fitted with latest comforts.

Adding to this is its historic dining room and fabulous entertainment options. It’s the best option for business travelers and those in need of conferencing facilities as its spacious and technically advance meeting rooms will cater to their requirement.

Top Hotels in New Orleans

Those who want a comfortable place to stay but one that not really expensive should look into the three-star Royal St Charles Hotel. It is known for its elegant rooms, which offer practical comforts for a short stay. Facilities like modern dining room, wi-fi, business center and concierge add to staying comfort.

The charming three-star Pontchartrain Hotel is another very beautiful place to stay where you can be sure that all needs are catered.

Features like sophisticated guest rooms with modern facilities, elegant dining space, free wi-fi modern , multi lingual staff, banquet room, beachfront view, laundry and concierge make this the right accommodation option for a short stay.

What is the best area in New Orleans to stay?

Check into the lovely Hotel St.Pierre, known for its distinctly different European interiors. Spacious rooms, with everything from television to fridge and more add to your delight. In the morning, enjoy a complimentary breakfast and use the free wi-fi service to surf the net. The 24 hour front desk staffs are always available to answer your queries.

You can also try out the Holiday Inn New Orleans – a distinctly different hotel. Its interiors are very refreshing, modern yet inclusive of some traditional décor elements.

Big rooms, nice staff, latest comforts at guest disposal are the highlights of the stay. Enjoy the complimentary continental breakfast and lovely meals at the restaurant. Spa, outdoor pool, meeting room, banquet room, concierge and laundry facilities add to guest convenience.

Why Not Opt For A Budget Hotel?

Those looking for low-cost accommodation should check out budget hotels such as La Qunita Inn & Suites, The Mercantile Hotel, California Building, Hyatt Regency etc. They offer a clean, comfortable rooms with modern facilities but are friendly on the  pocket, enabling you to save on the trip.

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A Look Into The Top 10 Places To Visit In The U.K

A Look Into The Top 10 Places To Visit In The U.K

The British Empire ruled the world for centuries and left its marks almost everywhere. A country known for its royalty, innovations, cosmopolitan culture and commercial opportunities, it beckons thousands to it every year who come in search for job and economic growth.

Top places to visit in the UK

Every year, thousands of tourists come from all parts of the world to experience the loveliness of British lifestyle and its historical monuments. Where best way to enjoy the majestic grandness of British culture and traditions as than by visiting the U.K and touring through it most important places to visit.

Top places to visit in the UK

Top places to visit in the UK: Image by Canva

Here is a look at the top ten places that are a must to experience in the country:

1. London

U.K’s capital city stands out from the list of top 10 places due to its rich culture, heritage, royalty and of course cosmopolitan environment. In the middle of ancient architectural marvels such as Buckingham Palace, Tower Of London, Victoria And Albert Museum, National Gallery, Westminster Abbey etc, you can see the most striking of modern elements such as the London Eye, Sea Life London Aquarium, The Shard etc.

2. Bath

The beautiful city of Bath is named after the Roman Baths and is known for its large number of hot springs, whose waters have more than 43 different minerals. Enjoy yourself in the luxuriant feel of these waters, whose healing properties attract people to them not just now but thousands of years ago. Explore the city’s lovely townhouses which are large structures showcasing Georgian architecture.

3. Cotswolds

Enjoy the beauty of rural life, with its picturesque surroundings and quaint villages in Cotswold’s countryside. You can take some of the most enchanting photos of nature here and enjoy adventuring through horseback riding, biking and exploring the landscape through walks. Treat yourself to lovely local items in the markets of town close by such as Tetbury or Castle Combe.

4. Oxford And Cambridge University Towns

These towns are unlike any of the other places you will see in the U.K. primarily because they are educational centers and this feature runs throughout their environment. Home to so many colleges, you can see the streets filled with students who are into various disciplines. Quaint shops, numerous libraries and ancient buildings dot their landscape and take you back in time.

5. Liverpool

Known for its beauty as well as its harbor, this lovely city is an important trading and financial hub. Once you start exploring its streets, you will get taken in by its numerous retail outlets where you can find anything right from local products to something made from China. The city has an enormous number of historical buildings and museums. Key places to visit include St George’s Hall, Walker Art Gallery, Tate Gallery and much more.

6. Edinburg

Visit the Scottish capital and indulge yourself in its natural beauty and rich culture. You can experience the pinnacle of the city’s history at Edinburg castle, with its majestic stone towers. All round the year, numerous important festivals are held which attract people from all over such as Edinburgh International Book Festival, Edinburg Fringe etc.

7. Cardiff

Explore the beauty of Welsh countryside through Cardiff, the capitol city of Wales. It is known for its immense natural beauty which is best experienced in its – Brecon Beacons National Park and the Snowdonia National Park. It’s also called the City Of Arcades as it has the best of modern indoor arcades as well as those belonging to the Edwardian and Victoria era.

8. Loch Ness

This is the largest freshwater Lake in the U.K, formed about 10,000 years ago and waters so deep that they go down to about 230 meters. It’s a place of picturesque natural beauty and on its west shore you can see the lovely Urquhart castle. It is not recommended to go swimming in the lake due to its extreme cold and the waters are very dark due to the presence of peat particles.

9. Canterbury

The quaint city of Canterbury, home to the Archbishop of Canterbury, is known for its history, culture and traditions and part of it has been declared as a UNESCO heritage site. It traditions and past glory can be best experienced through a visit to the Canterbury Cathedral, Cathedral Precincts, Canterbury Heritage Museum, Canterbury Tales and the Canterbury Roman Museum.

10. Manchester

The beautiful city of Manchester is a thriving business hub and one where you can indulge yourself in modernity yet get swept off in a blast of the past in its ancient monuments and historical locations. It is an art and media centre and there is so much to see, shop and indulge yourself in this city, that you might forget the rest of the world.

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