Top Ten Destinations That’s The Best For A Summer Holiday

Best Summer Vacation Spots In The World

Summer is the time to travel abroad and what better way of doing this than by taking a vacation in the most exotic places on the planet.

Enjoy a fantastic time in such places, getting away from the summer heat and bringing those experiences into your life that enrich it and enhance your abilities or skills. Here is a look at top ten destinations for a summer holiday:

best summer vacation spots in the world
Best summer vacation spots in the world


It’s a beautiful place to visit in the summer with its lovely beaches and marvelous architectural splendors that will keep you enchanted all the time. Have fun exploring its transit spots not to mention fine restaurants bars ad pubs. Places you have to check out include Casa Mila, Palace of Catalan Music, Casa Batilo etc


It’s certainly the place for those who lovely adventure hiking, mountaineering, fishing ae some of the many things that you get to do here. A place of picturesque beauty, spend the summer here photography spots at the Grand Canyon, Aspen, Rocky Mountain National Park etc

Koh Samui

This Island is known for its tropical beauty, calm blue seas and it’s a place that offers plenty of adventure beaches and many exotic heritage posts.  Top places that you must visit include Bophut Beach, Tiger Zoo, Wat Phra Yai etc.


It’s a mesmerizing place with its beaches and exotic culture, food and beautiful natural locations. Enjoy the beaches and different types of water adventure sports like snorkeling, surfing, deep sea diving, coral reef exploration etc.


This amazing island nation is made up of 26 atolls, which actually constitute more than 1000 coral islands. It’s a beautiful place to spend time in the summer, cooling off at the beaches, exploring tropical beauty at its best in its blue lagoons, enchanting reefs. Top places to see include Banana Reef, Alimantha Island, HP Reef etc.


It’s known for its exotic natural beauty, which you can explore through its parks, wild life areas and beaches. Its majestic temples reveal its rich culture, heritage and ancient past. Check out spots Mount Batur, Pura Tanah Lot, Ubud Art & Culture, Waterbom Bali, Kuta Beach etc.


It’s the perfect summer getaway with its snowy terrain in which you can find not just ice but also steaming volcanoes, canyons, hot springs etc. Top places to visit include the Blue Lagoon, Borgarnes, Gullfoss Waterfall, Reykjavik, Asbyrgi Canyon etc.


Known for its rich culture tradition and ancient heritage it’s a place that has seen attracted millions. The backwaters of Kerala are like none other, enchanting with their exotic beauty and natural charm. Some key spots to visit include Alleppey, Kovalam, Thekkady etc

Amalfi Coast

It’s an enchanting 50 kilometer coastline at the south of Italy’s Sorrentine Peninsula. Filled with small beaches, charming fishing villages, rugged cliffs, it’s the place for adventure, unwinding and relaxing as well. Key place to explore Admire, Praiano, Ravello, Maiori etc.


It’s an mesmerizingly lovely place with its picturesque natural beauty which can be experienced through coral reefs, nature reserves and beautiful beaches. Important places to see include Anse Lazio, Praslin, Baie Lazare, Morne Seychellois National Park, Beau Vallon Beach etc. 

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A Look At Top Hotels In New Orleans Where You Can Enjoy A Comfortable Stay

A Look At Top Hotels In New Orleans Where You Can Enjoy A Comfortable Stay

The beautiful city of New Orleans is known for its port, which attracts ships from all over and whose influence makes it a huge economic hub in the country. It is named after the Duke of Orleans and is the largest city in Louisiana State.  It’s unique for its buildings which display and unusual blend of Spanish and French architectural elements.

Where Can You Stay In New Orleans During A Vacation Or Business Trip?

Hotels In New Orleans Guide
Hotels In New Orleans Guide

When you are in New Orleans for a short visit, where can you stay? Look into any of the lovely hotels in the city to book an accommodation prior to your departure. You can find the city dotted with many five, four, three star hotels as well as budget hotels, pay later hotels options where you can enjoy the best comforts. Here is a look at some top hotels in USA where you can book rooms:

Some Five And Three Star Hotels To Check Out

If you don’t mind to splurge and want to pamper yourself in luxury, check out the Ritz hotel. Luxurious and fitted with super-sophisticated facilities, guests can enjoy aesthetically decorated and modern rooms, gourmet cuisine, live entertainment, spa and much more.

Look into the majestic five star Roosevelt Orleans, to enjoy opulent guest rooms, which cater to modern guest staying needs and fitted with latest comforts.

Adding to this is its historic dining room and fabulous entertainment options. It’s the best option for business travelers and those in need of conferencing facilities as its spacious and technically advance meeting rooms will cater to their requirement.

Top Hotels in New Orleans

Those who want a comfortable place to stay but one that not really expensive should look into the three-star Royal St Charles Hotel. It is known for its elegant rooms, which offer practical comforts for a short stay. Facilities like modern dining room, wi-fi, business center and concierge add to staying comfort.

The charming three-star Pontchartrain Hotel is another very beautiful place to stay where you can be sure that all needs are catered.

Features like sophisticated guest rooms with modern facilities, elegant dining space, free wi-fi modern , multi lingual staff, banquet room, beachfront view, laundry and concierge make this the right accommodation option for a short stay.

What is the best area in New Orleans to stay?

Check into the lovely Hotel St.Pierre, known for its distinctly different European interiors. Spacious rooms, with everything from television to fridge and more add to your delight. In the morning, enjoy a complimentary breakfast and use the free wi-fi service to surf the net. The 24 hour front desk staffs are always available to answer your queries.

You can also try out the Holiday Inn New Orleans – a distinctly different hotel. Its interiors are very refreshing, modern yet inclusive of some traditional décor elements.

Big rooms, nice staff, latest comforts at guest disposal are the highlights of the stay. Enjoy the complimentary continental breakfast and lovely meals at the restaurant. Spa, outdoor pool, meeting room, banquet room, concierge and laundry facilities add to guest convenience.

Why Not Opt For A Budget Hotel?

Those looking for low-cost accommodation should check out budget hotels such as La Qunita Inn & Suites, The Mercantile Hotel, California Building, Hyatt Regency etc. They offer a clean, comfortable rooms with modern facilities but are friendly on the  pocket, enabling you to save on the trip.

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A Look Into The Top 10 Places To Visit In The U.K

A Look Into The Top 10 Places To Visit In The U.K

The British Empire ruled the world for centuries and left its marks almost everywhere. A country known for its royalty, innovations, cosmopolitan culture and commercial opportunities, it beckons thousands to it every year who come in search for job and economic growth.

Top places to visit in the UK

Every year, thousands of tourists come from all parts of the world to experience the loveliness of British lifestyle and its historical monuments. Where best way to enjoy the majestic grandness of British culture and traditions as than by visiting the U.K and touring through it most important places to visit.

Top places to visit in the UK

Top places to visit in the UK: Image by Canva

Here is a look at the top ten places that are a must to experience in the country:

1. London

U.K’s capital city stands out from the list of top 10 places due to its rich culture, heritage, royalty and of course cosmopolitan environment. In the middle of ancient architectural marvels such as Buckingham Palace, Tower Of London, Victoria And Albert Museum, National Gallery, Westminster Abbey etc, you can see the most striking of modern elements such as the London Eye, Sea Life London Aquarium, The Shard etc.

2. Bath

The beautiful city of Bath is named after the Roman Baths and is known for its large number of hot springs, whose waters have more than 43 different minerals. Enjoy yourself in the luxuriant feel of these waters, whose healing properties attract people to them not just now but thousands of years ago. Explore the city’s lovely townhouses which are large structures showcasing Georgian architecture.

3. Cotswolds

Enjoy the beauty of rural life, with its picturesque surroundings and quaint villages in Cotswold’s countryside. You can take some of the most enchanting photos of nature here and enjoy adventuring through horseback riding, biking and exploring the landscape through walks. Treat yourself to lovely local items in the markets of town close by such as Tetbury or Castle Combe.

4. Oxford And Cambridge University Towns

These towns are unlike any of the other places you will see in the U.K. primarily because they are educational centers and this feature runs throughout their environment. Home to so many colleges, you can see the streets filled with students who are into various disciplines. Quaint shops, numerous libraries and ancient buildings dot their landscape and take you back in time.

5. Liverpool

Known for its beauty as well as its harbor, this lovely city is an important trading and financial hub. Once you start exploring its streets, you will get taken in by its numerous retail outlets where you can find anything right from local products to something made from China. The city has an enormous number of historical buildings and museums. Key places to visit include St George’s Hall, Walker Art Gallery, Tate Gallery and much more.

6. Edinburg

Visit the Scottish capital and indulge yourself in its natural beauty and rich culture. You can experience the pinnacle of the city’s history at Edinburg castle, with its majestic stone towers. All round the year, numerous important festivals are held which attract people from all over such as Edinburgh International Book Festival, Edinburg Fringe etc.

7. Cardiff

Explore the beauty of Welsh countryside through Cardiff, the capitol city of Wales. It is known for its immense natural beauty which is best experienced in its – Brecon Beacons National Park and the Snowdonia National Park. It’s also called the City Of Arcades as it has the best of modern indoor arcades as well as those belonging to the Edwardian and Victoria era.

8. Loch Ness

This is the largest freshwater Lake in the U.K, formed about 10,000 years ago and waters so deep that they go down to about 230 meters. It’s a place of picturesque natural beauty and on its west shore you can see the lovely Urquhart castle. It is not recommended to go swimming in the lake due to its extreme cold and the waters are very dark due to the presence of peat particles.

9. Canterbury

The quaint city of Canterbury, home to the Archbishop of Canterbury, is known for its history, culture and traditions and part of it has been declared as a UNESCO heritage site. It traditions and past glory can be best experienced through a visit to the Canterbury Cathedral, Cathedral Precincts, Canterbury Heritage Museum, Canterbury Tales and the Canterbury Roman Museum.

10. Manchester

The beautiful city of Manchester is a thriving business hub and one where you can indulge yourself in modernity yet get swept off in a blast of the past in its ancient monuments and historical locations. It is an art and media centre and there is so much to see, shop and indulge yourself in this city, that you might forget the rest of the world.

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A Look At The Top 10 Places To Visit In India

A Look At The Top 10 Places To Visit In India

There are so many exotic sightseeing avenues in India, where you can experience a cultural haven, history, literature and also the local culture. Every year, millions from abroad visit the country to enjoy the country exotic beauty. The top ten places to visit in India are:

Top 10 Places To Visit In India

Top 10 Places To Visit In India

Top 10 Places To Visit In India

India, It is the place of holy deities where you can feel true knowledge, Purity, Happiness, Peace, Prosperity and Power. There are many divine places in India. But I must say that everyone must visit Shanti Van, Mount Abu in Rajasthan where you will feel all virtues of deities in yourself. By the way, there are many tourists places in India to visit to feel the vibrations of that places.

1. New Delhi – The Capital Of India

The capital city Delhi is a must to see due to its majestic monuments such as the Qutub Minar, Humayun’s Tomb, Hazrat Nizammuddin Dargah and Hauz Khas Village. You can also enjoy a contemporary side through its shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, multiplexes and sprawling boulevards.

2. Leh-Ladakh – Nature Beauty

Leh-Ladakh is a place of scenic natural beauty with its many glacial lakes and high mountain passes. Best explored through its trekking trails, it offers travelers the chance to experience unforgettable adventures and is also a place of tranquility and divinity with its monasteries and Buddhist places of worship.

3. Kashmir – The Paradise of India

Kashmir is a place of scenic natural beauty as it abounds in beautiful rivers, surrounded by snow capped mountains and is filled with exotic forest area. Handicrafts from this place are world famous as are its historical monuments like Amar Mahal, Thicksey Gompa, Bahu Fort etc

4. Agra – The Symbol of Love

Agra is a place that abounds in the most unique historical monuments, the most important being the Taj Mahal. Following this is the Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikhri. Visit its bustling markets to find beautiful marble handicrafts and fine leather items.

5. The city of Aurungabad – Cultural and historical attractions

One place that is a major attraction is the city of Aurungabad, which has many cultural and historical attractions, mainly the Ajanta and Ellora caves. Visiting the Bibi ka Maqbara or the Kala Darwaza and Rangeen Darwaza can be a mesmerizing experience. Buy the exotic Himroo and Paithani silk and enjoy the Ellora Ajanta Festival where you can see dancers and musicians from across the country giving performances.

6. Sikkim – Adventure Place

Sikkim is key place to visit owing to its beautiful snow capped mountains and ancient villages. It’s a place of adventure as it offers opportunities for river rafting, mountaineering, rock climbing and trekking. Key places to visit are the Tsmogo Lake, Yuksom, Nathula Pass, Namchi and Zuluk.

7. Kerala – A scenic Landscape

Backwaters of Kerala are a must to explore for its picturesque beauty. Discover the beauty of the greenery, vegetation and village get through quaint boat rides that takes you across a scenic landscape. Other fabulous experience to indulge include watching Kathakali dance at the Kathakali Center, taking elephant rides in the Periyar Wildlife Sanitary and exploring the gardens of Munnar.

8. Goa – Sea Beaches

Beaches of Goa are stunning places where you can enjoy the serenity of waves lashing against a beautiful shoreline. Souvenir shops and flea markets abound here, catching your eye for a purchase. Those who love adventure can look into swimming, surfing, par gliding and other such sports.

9. Gujarat – Salt Desert

You will find visit Kutch in Gujarat to be a very mesmerizing experience. Explore the Rann of Kutch which is a salt desert stretching from Kutch to the Sindh region in Pakistan. Enjoy the lovely cuisine and visit the market to buy exquisite and exotic handicrafts made only in this region. Make a visit to Chari Daand sanctuary as well as the Hodka Village where you can experience rustic life in conical shaped tents.

10. Sunderbans Tiger Reserve

Sunderbans Tiger Reserve is an exotic place to see as it is a vast green expanse and one of the few places in the country where tigers can roam freely. It’s a place of immense beauty and just the spot to visit to explore exotic bird life at close quarters. Visit Sunderban National Park, West Bengal website for full details.

Now, finally the time has come to visit India. Here, check your favorite hotels.

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A Look At The Top Ten Places To Visit In The USA

A Look At The Top Ten Places To Visit In The USA

The United States offers a host of attractive locations to see, visit and enjoy where you can explore historical architecture, beautiful entertainment else get to know the local culture.

Top 10 Places To Visit in the USA

Out of them some places are sought after more than others due to their structure, value to society or as a popular recreational venue.

Here is a look at the top ten places to visit in the US:

1. Grand Canyon

Out of the many places that are a must to visit, the Grand Canyon stands first due to its sheer majestic beauty. Situated in Arizona State, it a steep canyon that is 277 meters long and about 18 meters wide, created millions of years ago by the Colorado River.

2. Times Square, Manhattan

Get into the busiest place in the US by visiting Times Square, Manhattan. It extends from West 42nd to West 47th street. It is referred to as ‘Crossroads of the World’ and gets about 50 million visitors annually. It is a bustling pedestrian area and one that has the best tourist and entertainment sections.

3. Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is a stunning waterfall located on the U.S Canada border, falling from a height of 167 meters. It is a place of sheer majestic beauty and a valuable source of hydroelectric power, which is used for commercial, industrial and recreational purposes.

4. The fabulous Statue of Liberty

None can miss the fabulous Statue of Liberty, which stands at a height of 152 feet and is the largest statue in the world. Tickets to tour the place include visits to the crown, pedestal and ground. Dedicated to the Roman liberty goddess, it was erected in 1886 and gets more than 3.2 million visitors per day.

5.The Yellowstone National Park

The Yellowstone National Park is a place of majestic natural beauty, covering 3500 square miles on top of a volcanic hot spot. Geysers, hot springs and waterfalls abound the place and it is filled with picturesque natural beauty with 12 campgrounds and more than 2000 places where tents and RV camping is done.

6.Walt Disney World Resort

Walt Disney World Resort is the top of everyone’s list of places to see in the U.S. Setup in 1971, spanning 25000 acres it us full of the most attractive themes and rides. Even a week is not enough to explore the myriads of entertainment venues here, not to mention the eateries and host of thrills like nowhere else.

7. Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas Strip is a most attractive of places to visit in the US, owing to the huge number of hotels, resorts, casinos and entertainment venues that are lined up in just this one place. It is called the All American road and is a picturesque sight at night, when all the lights are on.

8. Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge is a must to see for its sheer majestic beauty. Connecting the Golden Gate strip with San Francisco Bay Area and Pacific Ocean, it is the most photographed bridge. The American society of Civil engineers has declared it as one of the Wonders of the Modern World.

9.Glacier National Park

Check out Glacier National Park which covers more than one million acres of land. Home to the most exotic and beautiful of flora and fauna typical of this region, it is the place for campaign, hiking, trekking, river rafting and much more. It is also a UNESCO world heritage site.

10.San Antonio River Walk

San Antonio River Walk is a scenic place with its beautiful restaurant, hotels, eateries, shops, retail outlets, etc. More important here is the public artwork on display as well as the five historical missions, both of which make it a major tourist attraction.

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Top Ten Travel Bloggers From Across The World

Top Ten Travel Bloggers From Across The World

Blogging has transformed from being just an interest to share something to one that is used to market a brand, product or service.

Top Ten Travel Bloggers From Across The World

Top Ten Travel Bloggers From Across The World

Travel Bloggers In The world

People who love travelling use it to give the best insight into exotic destinations, which are fabulous in their beauty, rich in culture and exciting in tourist locations.

Here is a look at top ten travel bloggers whose blogs, you much read before planning the next vacation:

  1. Check out The Planet D Adventure Travel blog, created by the Canadian couple Dave Bouskill and Debra Corbeil. Find out exciting places to sight seen, explore and adventure as a backpacker or on a family tour. Find out tips on how to get the maximum out of your travel adventure, save money, enjoy the best of local culture and much more. Official Website:
  2. The blog – Dan Flying Solo is simply the best in opening your eyes to the new kinds of sight, sounds and cultural treats that you can enjoy to the maximum extent in any given place. Daniel, who is British, has posted some interesting photos of his adventures, alongside listings of some very exciting places to see in any particular location. Official Website:
  3. Lili’s Travel Blog is ‘the space’ on the internet to find out the choicest travel locations, where you can have the most memorable adventure and sightseeing experiences as either solo or with your family. Check out the locations according to continent, interesting stories and tips to gain the maximum from your adventures. Official Website:
  4. Adventurous Kate is an exciting blog from the American traveler – Kate McCulley. An extensive traveler, she has journeyed to 70 countries since 2001 and some of the most exciting photos of her adventures are posted in her blog. Get the inside tips on the best places to sightsee, eat, drink and shop here. Official Website:
  5. My Life’s a Pro is an interesting blog from traveler Alyssa Ramoss, who also happens to be a writer for the Matador Network and Huffington Post. A native of Florida, she gives some of the most interesting, practical and workable tips for those who love escaping to the farthest corners of the world in search of new sights, sounds and activities.
  6. Check out Archana Singh’s blog – Travel See Write, which offers some very in-depth insight into exotic places, adventures to try out and is spruced up with some very amazing journey photos. Be it the Rathambore Reserve or the most exotic destinations in South East Asia, she’s been there and gives you the best insight and tips in her blog. Official Website:
  7. Indonesia attracts thousands of tourists every year and the best travel blogger from this place is Bowie Holiday, who gives the best tips, travel details and other exciting information in his blog the travel junkie. He has been sharing his experiences from 2010 and his travels span over 150 countries. Official Website:
  8. You will find the blog Whatever Backpacker, which has many interesting articles, which have so far attracted more than three million views. His travel journeys span the Asian subcontinent and detailed in his blog, that also has exciting photos, useful tips, insight into how to travel in a budget and much more. Official Website:
  9. The Cultureur is a very interesting travel blog by Nyssa. Stunning photos, tips, lots of exciting destinations, popular dine outs and much more are given out in the juiciest way. The key feature is the focus on luxury travel by Nyssa, who has journeyed to more than fifty countries and done also worked in a couple of them. Official Website:
  10. Backpacker Banter is a rather interesting travel blog, one that takes you across some of the most important global locations. Vivid photos, nice comments and tips add to the effect of giving readers a blog that insightful, informative, creative and also very differently done from others. Official Website:

How To Write A Good Travel Blog

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Find Cheap Hotels In Las Vegas

5 ways to find cheap hotels in Las Vegas

Las Vegas definitely happens to be one of the most coveted and happening travel destinations of the world. Around 40 million people visit this place on a yearly basis and finding hotels can be one of the most daunting tasks even during the off-season.

Cheap Hotels In Las Vegas

Needless to say that the hotels in this thriving city have some of the most majestic rooms which can be very expensive. However, if you are on a shoe-string budget, then there are some ways in which you can save some money during your travel to the “sin city.” The following is a list of 5 ways with the help of which you can locate cheap hotels in Las Vegas with pay later hotel options.

Find cheap hotels in Las Vegas

Find cheap hotels in Las Vegas

Hotel promotions and coupons

There are new hotels popping up all throughout Las Vegas and some of them offer a number of discounts as introductory offers. You can easily search for these hotels on the internet and book a comfortable room in them.

Most of the hotels that are located slightly far from the casinos and bars have comparatively lesser rates, so be flexible with your travel plans. It won’t harm to walk around a bit or take a ride from your hotel to the fun places in Vegas.

Consider traveling on weekdays

Believe it or not, booking a hotel in Vegas on weekdays can save you a whole lot of money. The rates are reasonably low on Monday and Tuesday nights for some absurd reason. Unless there is a convention or festival being celebrated, you are more likely to find comfortable yet nominally charged rooms in Vegas on weekdays.

Enjoy exclusive deals on credit card

We definitely don’t want you to max out on credit cards, but many hotels offer an extra discount to credit card holders. It can go as high as a 15% off, which can slash down a large chunk of your hotel costs.

Always compare

These days the internet has made it so easy to compare hotel prices with the click of a button. There are various apps as well as websites which allow people to get the best prices for the same hotel. You can also avail additional deals as well as discounts when you register on the website. So always be sure to compare, in order to find the cheapest hotels in Las Vegas.

Book a vacation package

If you don’t like doing all the legwork yourself, and still don’t wish to exceed your travel budget, then consider booking a vacation package.

A package deal may not only slash down the hotel charges, but the flight fee as well, which is a win-win situation. Download different apps and keep an eye on them. Check twice or thrice a day because you never know, you might get lucky with a huge discount because the prices keep fluctuating throughout the day.

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Now that you know how to book cheap hotel rooms in Las Vegas, be sure to do your research before paying the money. Read up on customer feedback and check out video tours, to see what the room is like. Also, go through the complimentary services which come with the room. Traveling on a budget is a possibility, you just have to keep your eyes peeled for good deals and discount.

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Top 10 Hotel Booking Websites

Top 10 Hotel Booking Websites

Whether you are planning a vacation or a business trip, we at GSE Hotels often rely on using hotel booking websites to manage for a stay on our travels due to the convenience it provides. Users can select a hotel by budget, location, amenities etc and it is far more convenient than contacting or check out individual hotels and comparing them.

Top Rated Hotel Booking Websites

With so many hotel booking websites including available on the internet, users generally pick their hotel booking websites based by the following website features.

  • Website Menu

A website menu needs to be informative and easy to use. A reliable hotel booking website should be able to provide details such as prices, ratings, amenities, guest ratings, easy navigation system etc.

  • Hotel Information

A good hotel booking website is required to provide accurate hotel information which may include its address, amenities, photographs, route map to the hotel, tariffs, hotel room description, rules and regulations, user reviews etc.

  • Booking Procedure

The booking procedure on a travel website requires to be simple, completed in as fewer steps as possible. Also, it should enable quick and safe payment without making the user wait for too long.

  • Customer Care Support

A good customer care support is essential for any hotel book website. The user might have some issues while using the site, might require to make a cancellation, change of date etc. for which might require a human interface.
Find below some of the best hotel booking websites across the world.

Top 10 Hotel Booking Websites

Top 10 Hotel Booking Websites


  • Provides an extensive range of options of hotels to choose from.
  • Filters hotels by location, price, amenities, ratings etc.
  • Provides options such as giving feedback, changing currency, selection of language with book now pay later options etc.
  • Categories reviews on the basis of the type of traveler, i.e. business, vacation, couple, family, honeymoon etc.


  • Has a user-friendly interface and easy to use.
  • Provides both internal and external photographs of the listed Hotel properties.
  • Tariffs, ratings, reviews, special offers can be checked at a glimpse.


  • It is a complete travel website.
  • Provides travels with useful information such as tourist attractions, details of tours etc.


  • It is a hotel booking comparison website
  • Helps travelers find the cheapest room across multiple sites.
  • Displays a wide option of hotels


  • It owns almost half the hotel booking websites in the world
  • Provides extensive options in the selection of hotels with pay later and last minute hotel offers.
  • Offers attractive discount

6. Hotels Tonight

  • It is not a website but is a hotel booking application.
  • It offers excellent prices for last-minute stays.
  • Has an exclusive agreement with various hotels where they can offer unsold rooms at the last minute at great discounted rates.


  • Offers wide options of hotels with discounts and offers
  • Also offers a unique opportunity to travelers known as the mystery locations, offering travelers hotels in unexplored locations


  • Offers one night free for every ten nights booked at
  • Offers to match rates offered on other websites.
  • Capital One Venture Credit Cardholders are offered 10x point on purchases made on


  • It is Kayak hotel booking website aggregator site offering price comparison on different site.
  • Has a free price tracker service which tracks discounts and fall in prices.

10. Directly book on the Hotel Website

Since hotels pay hotel booking websites a handsome commission, hence booking directly on hotel’s website, the traveler can be offered some discount or free perks and incentives such as complimentary wine, free upgrades etc.

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Top 10 Best Hotels in the World

Top 10 Best Hotels in the World

Generally people plan to travel in their holidays with family and look for top 10 hotels. I will list the top 10 hotels in the world which can help people to find their best places to stay.

Here is a list of Top 10 best hotels in the world

Top 10 Best Hotels in the World

Top 10 Best Hotels in the World

Here is the top 10 list of beautiful and amazing hotels in the world which is highly recommend. Hope this list will be helpful for those who are looking for these detail.

1. Viroth’s Hotel

A holiday destination in Siem Reap, Cambodia with a world class facility. Viroth’s hotel offers you with its attractive packaged prices.It also consists of a built-in gym for your fitness. It consists of a poolside dining area as well as air-conditioned dining rooms.It consists of 35 spacious rooms and suites, which is furnished comfortably.

2. Tulemar Bungalows & Villas

Planning to take a trip to Costa Rica, but still need a place like home, Tulemar Bungalows might be your best choice. It covers an area of 33 acres where you can have a spectacular view of the Manuel Antonio coastline. The resort has its own high end-amenities such as an exclusive beach and four swimming pools.

3. Umaid Bhawan Palace Jodhpur

One of the beauties of India rests in Jodhpur, India, with a traditional heritage of the Jodhpur’s Royal Family, the Umaid Bhawan Palace. It has around 347 rooms and it is also the principal residence of the royal family. It also consists of a museum.

4. Hanoi La Siesta Hotel & Spa

A new member of the Hanoi Elegance Hotel Group in Hanoi, Vietnam that embodies pure luxury. It is built near the HoanKiem Lake, which is a major attraction. It has about 50 spacious bedrooms and suites.

5. GiliLankanfushi

GiliLankanfushi, a hotel in Maldives, known for its outstanding hospitality. It consists of a private reserve, family villa, and suite rooms. You can also have the chance to fine dine near the sea. It also has as spa, which provides Ayurvedic treatment champa and it also has a fitness gym.

6. Hotel Belvedere

Hotel Belvedere is a hotel with the Italian heritage, which offers you a lakeside retreat in Bellagio, Italy. It provides you with artefacts and furnishings with a flair of Italian luxury.

7. The Nantucket Hotel & Resort

The newly renovated Nantucket Hotel in Nantucket, Massachusetts, provides you with one to four bedrooms and also with normal hotel rooms. It provides you with health club gym and optional massage services as well. It also consists of an onsite-restaurant where you can dine at your luxury.

8. La Reserve Paris Hotel & Spa

La Reserve Paris Hotel & Spa offers you a fabulous view of the Eiffel Tower, the Concorde obelisk and the Pantheon. It consists of more suites than rooms, with a library and a 16-meter indoor pool, which is a rarity in Paris.

9. Nayara Springs

Being a boutique hotel which is exclusively for adults, it is surrounded by tropical rain forest in La Fortuna de San Carlos, Costa Rica. It is situated at the foothills of Arenal Volcano. It consists of 50 spacious villas which also includes a spa and a large plunge pool.

10. Hanoi La Siesta Hotel Trendy

As the name suggests, it is a trendy hotel in Hanoi, Vietnam. It provides you with duplex and trendy suites. The restaurant provides you with both sweet and savory dishes of the Vietnamese dishes. It also provides you with an airport pick-up and drop-off service.

Top 10 Hotels In The World by Hotels Combined

10 Most Expensive Hotels In The World


The World’s Highest Hotels | The B1M

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Top 10 hotel booking apps in the United States

Top 10 hotel booking apps in the United States

Finding a good hotel in the United States is not the most difficult job. However, finding a room which fits your budget as well as preferences can be a little tough.

Top 10 Hotel Booking Apps in the United

Top 10 Hotel Booking Apps in the United

Best Hotel Booking Apps in The United States

The United States is one of the most popular travel and business destination in the whole world and is dotted with hotels, resorts and guest houses galore throughout its landscape. With so many choices available, it can be a little difficult to filter your choices, which is why you can install hotel booking apps to save time and money.

These apps allow you to scrutinize the room, the hotel, and its services before making the payment. Now you can make a hotel booking with pay later options on the go, all thanks to the apps mentioned below:

1. Priceline

Priceline Hotel Booking App

Source: Priceline Hotel Booking App

This is a hotel bidding site available for android and Apple users. You can choose the location as well as the star level and then enter your bid. This way you can find a decent room for yourself with ease. The amenities list is mentioned and a photo gallery of the room is also present.

2. Expedia

Expedia Hotel and flight Booking App

Source: Expedia Hotel and Flight Booking App

Another popular hotel booking website in the United States is Expedia. You can easily sort out the price, deals, and rating of the hotels with ease. You can also find hotels which are closest to you.

3. Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight hotel booking app

Source: Hotel Tonight hotel booking app

It can categorize hotels as basic, luxury, hip and charming. This app offers one of the very best discounts which will save you a whole lot of money. When you click on a hotel you can easily check out the facilities and amenities available, which helps you to select a comfortable room.

4. Jetsetter

Another amazing app for travel enthusiasts, this app allows people to book their favorite hotels with the click of a button. It offers, deals only in 7 major cities like Boston, New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Las Vegas.

5. Travelocity

travelocity hotel booking app

Source: Travelocity hotel booking app

If you want the best last minute deals and discounts when it comes to hotel bookings, then be sure to try Travelocity. You could easily filter using star ratings as well as user ratings.

6. Hilton

hilton hotel booking app

Source: Hilton hotel booking app

If you plan to stay at the Hilton hotels, then be sure to install this mobile app. There is an inventory of 3,000 hotels to help you select the room of your choice.

7. HotelQuickly

This app is very flexible and allows you to book a room for up to a year in advance. So if you are certain of your travel plans, then this app can help you get a good deal on hotel rooms. They offer 24 hours support if you wish to inquire something.

8. LateRooms

LateRooms hotel booking app

Source: LateRooms hotel booking app

This app was introduced back in 1999 and now has access to more than 200,000 properties across the globe, including the United States. You can book a room for a day or months in advance.

9. Marriot

Marriott hotel booking app

Source: Marriott hotel booking app

If you happen to be a big fan of the Marriot hotel, then this app will prove to be very helpful for you. You can get hold of deals as well as a discount, plus you can book rooms at the lowest rate.

10. One:Night

One:Night hotel booking app

Source: One:Night hotel booking app

An app for the latecomers, this hotel lists same day offers to start from 3 pm. There are many comfortable hotel rooms available. The interface is very easy to use.

So, What are you waiting for, Just Install your favorite application and plan your next travel with

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