Corona Virus Travel Restrictions

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Corona Virus Travel Restrictions

The Corona Virus has created havoc all across the globe. A number of the world’s most well-known countries have been hit by the deadly virus and are coping with it while also trying to reduce or control its spread. The USA, Spain, China, France, Italy, and Germany are amongst the most affected countries by the coronavirus.

coronavirus travel restrictions
Coronavirus Travel Restrictions

Coronavirus Travel Advice

People is saying, Having originated in the small city of Wuhan in China, the virus quickly spread across the globe within 2-3 weeks of the first-ever case being reported by China. It is presumed that the virus evolved from animals, most prominently from bats, and then infected the humans. This type of virus has never been encountered before and thus it has been termed as a Novel Coronavirus.

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As this is the first time that this type of coronavirus or Covid-19 has infected humans, there exists no vaccination or cure to stop the spread of this virus or to make a person immune to it.

The effect of Corona Virus

Research and development have been going on by several countries in the world and it is said that we are now close to finding the vaccine for this deadly virus. The virus is said to affect people having a weak immune system or a pre-existing disease like hypertension, diabetes, pneumonia, bronchitis, etc. which are responsible for weakening a person’s immune system.

The virus is passed on by an infected person when they cough or sneeze into the open. The virus is also said to have been surviving for long duration on hosts or any object that it can attach itself to. These objects can be metals, plastics, wood, and anything that we use in our daily lives.

Travel Restrictions due to the outbreak of Covid-19

Till the vaccine develops, the only way to control the spread of this virus is by adopting social distancing and maintaining proper hygiene. Social distancing has slowed down the spread of the virus but strictness in the process needs to be followed if the virus has to be eradicated from our lives. As the entire world is in lockdown, travel restrictions have been put into action to help control the spread of the coronavirus.

These travel restrictions put a stop to all kinds of travel, cargo, post services, shipping, logistics, and any other service that might involve the transportation system being used. The basic supply of groceries and necessary items within a country has been permitted but they strictly have to follow the guidelines provided by the government.

Should I travel during the coronavirus disease outbreak?

The lockdown has lasted for months in other nations of the world and it has recently been implemented in India as well. It has been said by several studies from the universities across the world that travel services would not be serviceable for at least another month or two, as it can become the fastest mode in which the virus can spread from a person to another.

These restrictions are a primary step in order to move forward in the process of dealing with the Novel Coronavirus. Thus, coronavirus travel restrictions have put up by the government.

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