Find Cheap Hotels In Las Vegas

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5 ways to find cheap hotels in Las Vegas

Las Vegas definitely happens to be one of the most coveted and happening travel destinations of the world. Around 40 million people visit this place on a yearly basis and finding hotels can be one of the most daunting tasks even during the off-season.

Cheap Hotels In Las Vegas

Needless to say that the hotels in this thriving city have some of the most majestic rooms which can be very expensive. However, if you are on a shoe-string budget, then there are some ways in which you can save some money during your travel to the “sin city.” The following is a list of 5 ways with the help of which you can locate cheap hotels in Las Vegas with pay later hotel options.

Find cheap hotels in Las Vegas

Find cheap hotels in Las Vegas

Hotel promotions and coupons

There are new hotels popping up all throughout Las Vegas and some of them offer a number of discounts as introductory offers. You can easily search for these hotels on the internet and book a comfortable room in them.

Most of the hotels that are located slightly far from the casinos and bars have comparatively lesser rates, so be flexible with your travel plans. It won’t harm to walk around a bit or take a ride from your hotel to the fun places in Vegas.

Consider traveling on weekdays

Believe it or not, booking a hotel in Vegas on weekdays can save you a whole lot of money. The rates are reasonably low on Monday and Tuesday nights for some absurd reason. Unless there is a convention or festival being celebrated, you are more likely to find comfortable yet nominally charged rooms in Vegas on weekdays.

Enjoy exclusive deals on credit card

We definitely don’t want you to max out on credit cards, but many hotels offer an extra discount to credit card holders. It can go as high as a 15% off, which can slash down a large chunk of your hotel costs.

Always compare

These days the internet has made it so easy to compare hotel prices with the click of a button. There are various apps as well as websites which allow people to get the best prices for the same hotel. You can also avail additional deals as well as discounts when you register on the website. So always be sure to compare, in order to find the cheapest hotels in Las Vegas.

Book a vacation package

If you don’t like doing all the legwork yourself, and still don’t wish to exceed your travel budget, then consider booking a vacation package.

A package deal may not only slash down the hotel charges, but the flight fee as well, which is a win-win situation. Download different apps and keep an eye on them. Check twice or thrice a day because you never know, you might get lucky with a huge discount because the prices keep fluctuating throughout the day.

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Now that you know how to book cheap hotel rooms in Las Vegas, be sure to do your research before paying the money. Read up on customer feedback and check out video tours, to see what the room is like. Also, go through the complimentary services which come with the room. Traveling on a budget is a possibility, you just have to keep your eyes peeled for good deals and discount.

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