Kayak Hotel Booking Guide : Find Cheap Hotels

About Kayak

When you are searching for the best travel deals, what you need to do is look into the best search engines. Out of the many available, you will find Kayak to be the best with its modern search features. At first in the kayak hotels booking page you need to mention basic details such as the city, dates, number of rooms etc.

Kayak Hotel Booking Guide : Find Cheap Hotels

Kayak Hotel Booking : Find Cheap Hotels Deals & Discounts

You can then proceed to narrow down search options by selecting element such as amenities, ambiance, location, neighborhood, price, stars etc. Close to the search options listed is a map that displays all hotels in your chosen city. Each dot represents a hotel and when it is clicked its name, price and rating is shown.

Booking a hotel with KAYAK and Alexa

It is actually a meta search engine that not only brings up results from internet searches but also from other travel sites, so what you get is the bets deals and the lowest prices. The kind of listings it offers gives much lower price than what is seen anywhere else.

How To Save On Your Hotels With Kayak Travel

A particularly beneficial feature is the Kayak Hacker Stays through which bookings happens through two steps. First step is where part of the booking is completed through Site 1 and Second Step ii where the remaining part of it is completed through Site 2.

This gives enormous savings, enabling you to cut down accommodation expenses considerably. You might be wondering if kayak is a Online Travel Agency (OTA). It’s not …as it is a meta search engine, capable of giving you some of the hottest deals that simply cannot be pulled up anywhere else.

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