The Top Places To Visit In The New Year

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The Top Places To Visit In The New Year 

If you are planning a lovely trip in the New Year, check out destinations that hold the best celebratory events during this time of the year. A city that is wonderful for sightseeing and where you can also experience beautiful fireworks is best to book for a couple of day off from your regular routines.

Top Places To Visit In The New Year

The Top Places To Visit In The New Year
The Top Places To Visit In The New Year

Here is a look at some of the most interesting places that offer maximum fun and enjoyment during the New Year:

Sydney City

How about beautiful Sydney city, which is known for its impressive harbor? Step out to explore islands inside the harbor and beautiful parks where you can enjoy taking delightful photos. Spots like Sydney Harbour, Opera House and Harbour Bridge are the best places for enjoying fireworks at midnight.

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Beautiful Bangkok

Check out beautiful Bangkok, known for its spectacular nightlife. In the New Year, take a cab to either Centralworld or Asiatique, both of which are popular shopping and entertainment places, where you can enjoy spectacular celebrations. You might also want to head out to Sirocco, a sky rising restaurant from where you can enjoy a spectacular view of the city.

Cape Town

While there are many cities known for being sophisticated and highly modern, one that’s a bit different is Cape Town. As the capital of South Africa, it attracts attention from people all over the world and New Year is the perfect time to come here and enjoy stunning forework displays. Travel later to the lovely Cape Point Vineyards for an unforgettable experience.


Dubai is indeed a treat in the New Year and the best place to enjoy it here is in Burj Khalifa standing at 2716 feet and also the Burj Plaza. Both places offer the chance to enjoy stunning fireworks. Get into the Dubai Mall, where you can enjoy so many shops, eateries and restaurants.

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Fabulous Rio De Janeiro

Why not check out fabulous Rio De Janeiro, known for its beautiful Copacabana Beach, which is the venue for some beautiful fireworks and musical shows. There are many lovely restaurants where you can enjoy New Year’s party, delicious cuisine, music, dance and the best entertainment.

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Edinburg Scotland

Fly into Edinburg Scotland and head out to the majestic Princess Street Gardens, where you can enjoy the most fabulous fireworks displays. Music concerts are held by international artists, making the place a true haven of entertainment and fun. Also Check out River Forth, known for its lovely New Year parties.

The Most Enjoyable Place : Hawaii

Hawaii is undoubtedly the most enjoyable place during New Year, with its spectacular fireworks and parties. Waikiki Beach, Moana Beach etc are some popular spots where you can enjoy boat cruises, theme nights and also music concerts. Step into the interesting Kakaaako Park for music fest and Pirate Ship adventure.

Las Vegas

How about Las Vegas, where you can enjoy some of the most spectacular fireworks during New Year at hotels and sky scrapers? Cool bars for drinks and dancing plus a host of restaurants where you can enjoy interesting cuisine, parties, music and other festivities like none other.

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