Top 10 Hotel Booking Websites

Top 10 Hotel Booking Websites

Whether you are planning a vacation or a business trip, we at GSE Hotels often rely on using hotel booking websites to manage for a stay on our travels due to the convenience it provides. Users can select a hotel by budget, location, amenities etc and it is far more convenient than contacting or check out individual hotels and comparing them.

Top Rated Hotel Booking Websites

With so many hotel booking websites including available on the internet, users generally pick their hotel booking websites based by the following website features.

  • Website Menu

A website menu needs to be informative and easy to use. A reliable hotel booking website should be able to provide details such as prices, ratings, amenities, guest ratings, easy navigation system etc.

  • Hotel Information

A good hotel booking website is required to provide accurate hotel information which may include its address, amenities, photographs, route map to the hotel, tariffs, hotel room description, rules and regulations, user reviews etc.

  • Booking Procedure

The booking procedure on a travel website requires to be simple, completed in as fewer steps as possible. Also, it should enable quick and safe payment without making the user wait for too long.

  • Customer Care Support

A good customer care support is essential for any hotel book website. The user might have some issues while using the site, might require to make a cancellation, change of date etc. for which might require a human interface.
Find below some of the best hotel booking websites across the world.

Top 10 Hotel Booking Websites
Top 10 Hotel Booking Websites


  • Provides an extensive range of options of hotels to choose from.
  • Filters hotels by location, price, amenities, ratings etc.
  • Provides options such as giving feedback, changing currency, selection of language with book now pay later options etc.
  • Categories reviews on the basis of the type of traveler, i.e. business, vacation, couple, family, honeymoon etc.


  • Has a user-friendly interface and easy to use.
  • Provides both internal and external photographs of the listed Hotel properties.
  • Tariffs, ratings, reviews, special offers can be checked at a glimpse.


  • It is a complete travel website.
  • Provides travels with useful information such as tourist attractions, details of tours etc.


  • It is a hotel booking comparison website
  • Helps travelers find the cheapest room across multiple sites.
  • Displays a wide option of hotels


  • It owns almost half the hotel booking websites in the world
  • Provides extensive options in the selection of hotels with pay later and last minute hotel offers.
  • Offers attractive discount

6. Hotels Tonight

  • It is not a website but is a hotel booking application.
  • It offers excellent prices for last-minute stays.
  • Has an exclusive agreement with various hotels where they can offer unsold rooms at the last minute at great discounted rates.


  • Offers wide options of hotels with discounts and offers
  • Also offers a unique opportunity to travelers known as the mystery locations, offering travelers hotels in unexplored locations


  • Offers one night free for every ten nights booked at
  • Offers to match rates offered on other websites.
  • Capital One Venture Credit Cardholders are offered 10x point on purchases made on


  • It is Kayak hotel booking website aggregator site offering price comparison on different site.
  • Has a free price tracker service which tracks discounts and fall in prices.

10. Directly book on the Hotel Website

Since hotels pay hotel booking websites a handsome commission, hence booking directly on hotel’s website, the traveler can be offered some discount or free perks and incentives such as complimentary wine, free upgrades etc.

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