Top Ten Travel Bloggers From Across The World

Top Ten Travel Bloggers From Across The World

Blogging has transformed from being just an interest to share something to one that is used to market a brand, product or service.

Top Ten Travel Bloggers From Across The World
Top Ten Travel Bloggers From Across The World

Travel Bloggers In The world

People who love travelling use it to give the best insight into exotic destinations, which are fabulous in their beauty, rich in culture and exciting in tourist locations.

Here is a look at top ten travel bloggers whose blogs, you much read before planning the next vacation:

  1. Check out The Planet D Adventure Travel blog, created by the Canadian couple Dave Bouskill and Debra Corbeil. Find out exciting places to sight seen, explore and adventure as a backpacker or on a family tour. Find out tips on how to get the maximum out of your travel adventure, save money, enjoy the best of local culture and much more. Official Website:
  2. The blog – Dan Flying Solo is simply the best in opening your eyes to the new kinds of sight, sounds and cultural treats that you can enjoy to the maximum extent in any given place. Daniel, who is British, has posted some interesting photos of his adventures, alongside listings of some very exciting places to see in any particular location. Official Website:
  3. Lili’s Travel Blog is ‘the space’ on the internet to find out the choicest travel locations, where you can have the most memorable adventure and sightseeing experiences as either solo or with your family. Check out the locations according to continent, interesting stories and tips to gain the maximum from your adventures. Official Website:
  4. Adventurous Kate is an exciting blog from the American traveler – Kate McCulley. An extensive traveler, she has journeyed to 70 countries since 2001 and some of the most exciting photos of her adventures are posted in her blog. Get the inside tips on the best places to sightsee, eat, drink and shop here. Official Website:
  5. My Life’s a Pro is an interesting blog from traveler Alyssa Ramoss, who also happens to be a writer for the Matador Network and Huffington Post. A native of Florida, she gives some of the most interesting, practical and workable tips for those who love escaping to the farthest corners of the world in search of new sights, sounds and activities.
  6. Check out Archana Singh’s blog – Travel See Write, which offers some very in-depth insight into exotic places, adventures to try out and is spruced up with some very amazing journey photos. Be it the Rathambore Reserve or the most exotic destinations in South East Asia, she’s been there and gives you the best insight and tips in her blog. Official Website:
  7. Indonesia attracts thousands of tourists every year and the best travel blogger from this place is Bowie Holiday, who gives the best tips, travel details and other exciting information in his blog the travel junkie. He has been sharing his experiences from 2010 and his travels span over 150 countries. Official Website:
  8. You will find the blog Whatever Backpacker, which has many interesting articles, which have so far attracted more than three million views. His travel journeys span the Asian subcontinent and detailed in his blog, that also has exciting photos, useful tips, insight into how to travel in a budget and much more. Official Website:
  9. The Cultureur is a very interesting travel blog by Nyssa. Stunning photos, tips, lots of exciting destinations, popular dine outs and much more are given out in the juiciest way. The key feature is the focus on luxury travel by Nyssa, who has journeyed to more than fifty countries and done also worked in a couple of them. Official Website:
  10. Backpacker Banter is a rather interesting travel blog, one that takes you across some of the most important global locations. Vivid photos, nice comments and tips add to the effect of giving readers a blog that insightful, informative, creative and also very differently done from others. Official Website:

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